Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona! Done Right!
A trend is a trend for a reason. I had to find out what that reason was. So like all instagrammers I too had a go at the famed version of the regular, beaten coffee that we all are used to making at home from time to time.
Its basic cold coffee with an added oomph of whisking the hell outta the coffee granules and sugar into an airy, creamy emulsion! 
▪︎Coffee granules
▪︎Cold Milk
▪︎Ice Cubes
▪︎…. and yea .. An AWESOME WHISK!
▪︎Whisk coffee granules, sugar, 1 tablespoon of water together till its airy and frothy. ▪︎Put ice cubes in a glass, pour in the milk, add 3-4 dollops of the airy froth. ▪︎ DRINK! .
[] Difficulty level: Easy, if you have an electric beater. (NOT the IKEA frother)
[] Overall Experience: 3/5

Author: Fayeza S

Fayeza Syed runs www.fayezas.com blog. She is a certified marketing strategist and a data analyst. She loves to share food recipes and kid's activities. You can follow her on Instagram @fayezasblog .

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