Cake Pops

There is no one way of making cake pops. To make them people either bake cakes from scratch or use the cake ready mix boxes. Once baked, they crumb the cake and add frosting or melted chocolate to bind it together and make desirable shapes like spheres or cubes and stick it on a lollipop stick to serve. The main attraction of this sweet treat is the decorations used on the cake pops. These vary based on the individual’s creativity.

For my recipe I am using the ready mix boxes for two reasons. Firstly because the taste of the cake really depends on the binding we use for the crumbs… so no point in going through the fuss of baking a cake from scratch. And secondly because there was an offer in my local hypermarket where I got 3 cake mixes for the price of one.


Crumbed Baked Cake ……..6 cups (flavor of your choice; vanilla preferable)

Nutella ………………………….. 13 heaped tablespoons (you can use ready made frosting/melted chocolate/jams)

Hazel Nuts ………………………..10 grams crushed

Macademia Nuts………………..10 grams crushed

Lollipop sticks ………………….30 sticks

Chocolate …………………………4 cups

Sprinkles of your choice

Serving: 30 – 35 cake pops


  1. Using your hand, crumble the cake into tiny pieces. (For extra crunch, add roasted crushed nuts of your choice)

    Crumbed Cake
    Crumbed Cake
  2. Add the Nutella and the crushed nuts to the cake crumbs. Nutella helps in the binding and gives the rich nutty hazelnut flavor to the cake pops.
  3. Once combined together, refrigerate it for 15 minutes.

    cake with nutella
    cake with nutella
  4. When the dough is hard enough make small spheres or cubes with your hands and put them back in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.IMG_2256
  5. Meanwhile, melt some chocolate to use as the cake pop coating.
  6. Get the cake balls out.
  7. Dip the lollipop sticks into the melted chocolate and insert them into the cake balls. This acts as glue and helps the cake to stick to the sticks.
  8. Now, with the help of a spoon coat each cake ball with the melted chocolate evenly.
  9. Before the chocolate hardens get your colored sprinkles out and decorate it using your imagination.IMG_2266
  10. Your cake pops are ready. They are great for house get-togethers birthday parties or give-aways.

    Cookathon's Hazelnut Cake Pops
    Cookathon’s Hazelnut Cake Pops

Author: Fayeza S

Fayeza Syed runs blog. She is a certified marketing strategist and a data analyst. She loves to share food recipes and kid's activities. You can follow her on Instagram @fayezasblog .

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