Day 1

I am trying to create a space where I can save and share my recipes.
Ramadan is that month of the year where we all Muslims feel like we have a chance of improving ourselves by following our religion i.e. Islam in the right way.
This is also the month where we all enjoy those special dishes which we don’t make that often.
I enjoy cooking. So I thought … what better way to keep a tab of all the dishes I prepare during this month.
Trying to share some … trying to learn some!
Sooo … here goes!!
Today I was just getting used to the whole fasting routine. so dint really make a whole lot. just stuck to a few spring rolls and cheese poppers.
Spring Rolls turned out great, but cheese poppers.. not so much.

Author: Fayeza S

Fayeza Syed runs blog. She is a certified marketing strategist and a data analyst. She loves to share food recipes and kid's activities. You can follow her on Instagram @fayezasblog .

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